Member Network

The majority of members of the Natural Health Science Foundation (NHSF) are specialists in research or the practice of natural health. These members come from dozens of countries.

The NHSF is also proud to have practitioner associations and other stakeholders as members. This includes the American Botanical Council (ABC), the Naturopaths and Herbalists Association of Australasia (NHAA), the Canadian based Journal of Natural Health Product Research (JNHPR), the Australasian Integrative Medicine Association (AIMA) as well as prominent people in leading universities and other institutions.

NHSF also has leading natural health companies based in Europe, USA, Australia and Asia as members. Each of these member companies has a strong interest in promoting best practices and supporting patients and consumers. In addition each of these companies is investing in scientific and clinical research. These companies commit to observing the best practices for natural health products outlined in this website.

The NHSF does not currently charge fees for membership, and is 100% funded by educational services and philanthropic donations to serve the delivery of its Vision. Our governance does not allow for any funding to be tied to commercial interests beyond our Mission to enable informed choice of natural health products based on specific scientific evidence. It is recognised that transparency on the names and sources of specific products is a necessary part of supporting informed choice.

Researcher/Expert & Association Members

Our Research/Expert members have scientific or clinical expertise in the use of and research of natural medicines. They are respected scientists and academics with expertise in the different specialty disciplines. These areas of expertise encompass everything from growing or producing natural medicines through to the conduct of clinical studies to investigate their safety and efficacy and their use in clinical practice. Disciplines include clinical medicine, ethics, agriculture, phytochemistry, pharmacognosy, toxicology and knowledge of traditional systems such as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Ayurvedic medicine.

Our Association Members consist of professional organizations, interest groups and Not For Profits who have an interest in improving the quality, sustainability, knowledge and clinical outcomes of natural medicines.

The guiding principle of the NHSF’s Membership network is to further the best interests of patients and consumers of natural medicines, regardless of geographic and cultural diversity.

  • Prof. Pierre Haddad

    Prof. Haddad is a specialist in natural health product research, indigenous Traditional Medicine and related medicinal plants.

  • Dr. Joanna Harnett

    Dr Joanna Harnett holds a Bachelors and Masters of Health Science majoring in Complementary Medicine. She completed her PhD in 2013 in the field of nutritional pharmacology. Her PhD research explored the association between the gastrointestinal microbiome and the etiology of coeliac disease. Joanna is a senior lecturer (complementary medicines) within the Faculty of Medicine Health at the University of Sydney’s Pharmacy School. Her research activity is in three broad areas; gastrointestinal health and the microbiome, the appropriate and safe use of complementary medicine products, and integrative medicine education and communication.

  • Journal of Natural Health Products Research (JNHPR)

    The JNHPR accepts research articles focussed on Natural Health Products (NHPs) and is based in Canada. The publication’s broad scope serves multiple purposes, allowing NHP researchers from multiple disciplines to publish their work on a platform that provides rigorous, peer-reviewed feedback regardless of whether their expertise lies in laboratory science, clinical epidemiology, sociology, health policy or any other NHP-related discipline.

  • Prof. Salvador Cañigueral

    Professor of Pharmacognosy and Phytotherapy at the University of Barcelona. Specialised in quality control and regulatory aspects of herbal products.

  • Dr Rachel Gow

    Rachel V. Gow, PhD is a Guest Researcher in the Section of Nutritional Neuroscience at the National Institutes of Health.

  • Prof. Dr. Jiradej Manosroi

    Prof. Dr. Jiradej Manosroi is the CEO of Manose Health and Beauty Research Centre; which specializes in the research and development of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food supplements from natural products and medicinal plants by using various technologies including extraction technologies, nanotechnology and biotechnologies, etc.

  • Prof. Dr. Aranya Manosroi

    Prof. Dr. Aranya Manosroi is the MD of Manose Health and Beauty Research Center; which specializes in the research and development of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food supplements from natural products and medicinal plants by using various technologies including extraction technologies, nanotechnology and biotechnologies, etc.

  • Professor John Funder

    Professor Funder is a Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute of Medical Research in Australia and has decades of significant leadership experience in medical research and has published over 600 scientific papers. He has had a broad involvement in medical research: as President of ASMR; chair of the inaugural Scientific Advisory Board of WAIMR (now the Harry Perkins Institute); chair of a series of NHMRC regional grants committees; and inaugural Executive Chair of Obesity Australia. His broad range of local, interstate and international appointments stand as evidence to the value placed on his expertise, experience and involvement globally. He is Chair of the Advisory Board of Australia’s National Institute of Complementary Medicine (NICM). Over the past decade has received named awards from the American Heart Association, the International Society of Hypertension, the Endocrine Society and the Ipsen Foundation.

    Professor Funder is Chair of the Expert Advisory Board of the Natural Health Science Foundation.

  • Professor Gerald Holtmann

    Professor Holtmann is the Associate Dean Clinical at The University of Queensland, working across the two health faculties of Health and Behavioural Sciences, and Medicine and Biomedical Sciences. He is Director Gastroenterology & Hepatology, Princess Alexandra Hospital

  • Dr Evelyn Wolfram

    Expert in Quality by Design of Phytopharmaceuticals, plant based nutraceuticals, Supplements, Cosmeceuticals and Natural Cosmetics. Specialist in Phytochemical and Effect-directed Analysis  of  herbal drug raw materials and herbal products. Associate Editor of Phytochemical Analysis. Lecturer in the fields of Quality Management, GMP, Phytopharmacy & Natural Products, Biotechnology of Natural Products.

  • Dr Andreas Lardos

    Senior scientist in phytopharmaceutical R&D, Researcher in ethnobotany and ethnopharmacology

  • Australian Integrative Medicine Association

    Supporting and providing for integrative medicine practitioners with community consultation

  • Consumer Healthcare Products Australia

    Consumer Healthcare Products Australia (CHP Australia) is the peak body representing the manufacturers and distributors of consumer healthcare products, which includes non-prescription medicines.

  • Dr. Ryan Yates

    Dr. Yates is a specialist in the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of natural products.

  • Dr. Bill Gurley

    Dr. Gurley is a specialist in dietary supplement safety, herb-drug interactions and human phytochemical disposition.

  • Naturopaths and Herbalists Association of Australia

    The NHAA represents Australia’s western herbalists and naturopaths and are the only national professional association specifically concerned with the practice and education of Western herbal medicine (WHM) in the country.

  • Prof. Theo Dingermann

    Prof. Dingermann is Professor of Pharmaceutical Biology and for natural health products specialises in quality, safety and efficacy of all natural health products and transparency about this.

  • Dr Marilyn Barrett

    I compile evidence for the safety and efficacy of botanical products using scientific procedures in order to support and validate their use in healthcare practices.