The majority of members of the Natural Health Science Foundation (NHSF) are specialists in research or the practice of natural health. These members come from dozens of countries.

The NHSF is also proud to have practitioner associations and other stakeholders as members. This includes the American Botanical Council (ABC), the Naturopaths and Herbalists Association of Australasia (NHAA), the Canadian based Journal of Natural Health Product Research (JNHPR), the Australasian Integrative Medicine Association (AIMA) as well as prominent people in leading universities and other institutions.

NHSF also has leading natural health companies based in Europe, USA, Australia and Asia as members. Each of these member companies has a strong interest in promoting best practices and supporting patients and consumers. In addition each of these companies is investing in scientific and clinical research. These companies commit to observing the best practices for natural health products outlined in this website.

The NHSF does not currently charge fees for membership, and is 100% funded by educational services and philanthropic donations to serve the delivery of its Vision. Our governance does not allow for any funding to be tied to commercial interests beyond our Mission to enable informed choice of natural health products based on specific scientific evidence. It is recognised that transparency on the names and sources of specific products is a necessary part of supporting informed choice.