Governance and Organization

Board of Directors

Independent and self-perpetuating without any control by donors, members or any outside people or organizations. Secures the delivery of the Vision of the Foundation through approval of the annual business plan, monitoring the execution of the business plan, employment of CEO

Chair: Nigel Pollard – international medicine industry specialist
Director: William Cox – US lawyer
Director: Brent Bailey – US dietary supplement industry specialist

Expert Advisory Board

Setting standards, overseeing the product and practitioner/professional accreditation, approving editorial policies and advising the board on meeting the Vision

Chair: Professor John Funder – endocrinologist, former chair of the ad board of Australian NCIM natural health institute – the biggest research/policy institute in Australia in the sector
Member: Professor Theo Dingermann Goethe University Frankfurt – a pharmaceutical biology expert and father of the movement to communicate that scientific evidence for natural health products is product specific
Member: Professor Michael Habs Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich – a medical doctor with an extensive experience in the pharmaceutical industry, particularly specific evidence natural medicines, now teaching toxicology and phytopharmacology in the department of medicine at the Ludwig Maximilian University

Advisory Panels

Advising the NHSF CEO on the direction, standards, communication and stakeholder management of the Foundation. There are panels of GPs, Pharmacy and Naturopathy.

Corporate Members Meeting

Membership is restricted to organisations or donors who have contributed >10% of the funding of the next 12 month plan. Advisory function providing review of the annual Business Plan of the Foundation, identifying risks and opportunities in the delivery of the Vision and plans, providing advice and linkages to other stakeholders, promoting the work of the Foundation

Chair: CEO/Chair of NHSF
Members: SFI, Zeller, Ilhwa, Fuji, Soho Group

Other voluntary advisors:

Called upon as subject matter experts, the Foundation would like to acknowledge the contribution of

Mariana Vieira
Ruth Trickey
Elizabeth Cowley
Ghulam Akbar
Michelle Boyd
Tobey-Ann Pinder
Professor Michael Heinrich
Dr. Bob Alkin
Tim Clarke
Professor Dennis Chang
Ian Breakspear
Dr Andreas Lardos
Dr Evelyn Wolfram
Dr Penny Caldicott