NHSF courses have been designed as a practical guide to support health professionals understand about how natural health products are made and how to use evidence to guide their use for patients.

These online courses has been developed with the assistance of leading health care professionals and international experts in the area of natural health.

  • It has been developed by a not for profit without commercial bias.
  • It will enable you to make better informed specific product decisions about natural medicine products.
  • Published in July 2020 this course is up to date and has been supported by global experts.

This online at-your-own-pace course consists of:

  • short lectures
  • interviews with international experts
  • footage of production
  • practical handouts
  • real world case studies
  • quick quizzes

We are planning to promote health care professionals who have completed this independent and unique course.  The intention is to demonstrate that successful students of the course are up to date and evidence based with their natural medicine product use and therefore improve their referral base.

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