About the Natural Health Science Foundation (NHSF)

The Natural Health Science Foundation (NHSF) was incorporated in New York in September 2014. It is an independent not for profit organization to assist patients, consumers and health professionals to make informed natural medicine choices based on robust science.

NHSF believes natural medicines will take a valuable place in modern scientific medical practice if they follow best practices of quality, safety and efficacy through transparency and evidence. 

NHSF Vision

A global not for profit organization dedicated to improving health through the integration of scientifically proven natural health solutions into mainstream healthcare.

NHSF Mission

For natural medicines to be integrated into mainstream healthcare it is essential that patients, consumers, health professionals and the media should be able to identify natural health products that have scientific evidence of their quality and that they work. The NHSF is dedicated to enabling informed choice by providing independent, accurate and reliable information on specific products. This will help people live healthier lives.

For natural health products, evidence is product specific

Natural health products are by definition natural and therefore variable and complex. For example, products made from grapes (wine of different colours/qualities, vinegar and table grapes) are not the same products. This is even more the case for natural health products which have thousands of different sources and a much more complex manufacturing process. This means that the evidence that supports natural health products is product/brand specific.

Product Accreditation

Consumers and the health system as a whole cannot make an informed choice of natural health products that have specific evidence without being able to identify such products. The NHSF believes that if people wish to use a product with specific evidence then they should be able to find them easily. Therefore the NHSF is building an independent, transparent and robust process to identify and communicate about such products.


The NHSF will provide education to support the informed choice of natural health products. This will include availability of specific products and their appropriate role in managing health conditions based on up to date clinical opinion and standards.

The NHSF believes that education on natural health should be directed by the rights of patients and consumers to receive the best possible treatments. NHSF seeks to drive behaviour change through the contribution of scientifically valid and relevant guidelines to educational institutions, media and health professional associations.

Affiliation with institutions, individuals and companies with similar commitments and objectives is sought and encouraged.

Best Practice Guidelines

The NHSF is committed to supporting best practice in the research, development, manufacture and therapeutic use of natural health products. Natural health products vary widely in their constituent ingredients and potential therapeutic uses. NHSF is partnering with ingredient specific expert bodies and condition specific healthcare professional groups to adopt and create Best Practice Guidelines that support our Vision and Mission. These Best Practice Guidelines are outlined on this site .

Regulation and Public Health

The NHSF supports the case for better regulation of the sector and public policy with particular regard to sources of raw materials, quality management and evidence linked to specific finished products.

For patients and their health professionals this means better, more reliable treatments and outcomes.