Natural Health Science Foundation (NHSF) Poster Prize Competition 2018

The NHSF will award a prize of EUR1,000 at Phytopharm 2018. The award will be presented to the lead researcher of research at the congress that best supports the Vision and Mission of the NHSF.

Main Criteria

Research will be particularly recognized that

  1. Furthers the integration of natural health solutions into mainstream healthcare
  2. Supports informed choice of products based on accurate and reliable scientific evidence

Additional Criteria for Assessment

  1. Well designed, robust and rigorous
  2. Translation of research into clinically relevant outcomes
  3. Uses innovative research approaches that embrace the unique opportunities presented by natural medicines

Poster Assessment

Research will be reviewed by Professor Rudi Bauer, Professor Theodor Dingermann and Professor John Funder, who will select one for the award.

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